Friday, 10 April 2015

Spring is here and with it a few different coloured bespoke log store orders, one lilac another blue, both using Sadolin, and this lovely one in brown with a touch of black. I think this would look lovely with a shelf too. I'm secretly hoping someone wants one in green, I think that would look lovely in pale green with a touch of black.
Posh log store colours
Another lady wanted totally enclosed with doors, so had a tongue and groove very posh log store, it looked really nice when finished.
Log store with doors 

More in the gallery on my website


  1. Can you do purple? Or is there a limit to the colour choice?

  2. There is a good colour choice, and there is a purple in the Sadolin Superdec range (which is opaque). The Sadolin Classic probably wouldn't be a dark purple as it is translucent not opaque, but to try it you can get a free sample of the colour direct from Sadolin

  3. I love the shape of the roof in the first one and agree that it would look great with a shelf. I'd love to see it in green (or purple!) if you do get an order for one :)