Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Colours for your log store

It is fair to say that most of the log stores in our gallery on the website are Blackfriars light brown. The variations in how they look are I think due to what time of year and what time of day they are taken.
These are pretty close to the actual colour, but, as screen monitors can make colours look different, it may not be shown to you as exactly the same colour!

Dark Brown (Blackfriar Goldstar)
Cedar (Blackfriar)
Light Brown (Blackfriar)
There are other colours available in different makes, for example Sadolin Classic. I would say that most colour charts usually show the colours as darker than they actually come out, but Sadolin is a nice oil stain so the wood grain still shows. You can see the colour chart here, and you can request a sample pot from them to check a colour out (it says allow up to 4 weeks but they are much quicker than that).

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