Sunday, 17 April 2016

3 bay log stores

This is around 9ft long 275cm, and 4ft high 125cm, our standard depth 2ft 2" 68cm, and costs around £480 delivered fully constructed, made using hand treated pine wood. It will store approximately 1.5 cubic metres of logs. It has curved side bars, you can choose curved or straight. There is also a choice of colours, light, dark, cedar, ebony. This is light brown.

These two are bespoke log stores, made to fit under a window; there is no extra charge to reduce the height or length a few cm's as long as the depth remains the same. For a shelf add £25.  The first one has straight side bars, the second curved.

Below is another bespoke in the same length but  few inches lower, and was made using cedar wood; the cost for this size wood store in cedar is around £800. This one has straight side bars.

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