Saturday, 27 June 2009

Order now for delivery anytime up to October, pay on delivery

Setting up the website in April, and then getting indexed so quickly, was a nice start to selling online. In all honesty it has been a whirlwind experience. We didn’t expect people to be thinking of their storage for winter fuel in Spring and Summer, and it has been a pleasant surprise to find that the design is well liked and sales keep happening. It hasn’t been 3 months yet, but we have far exceeded the orders we expected for 6 months. I think this is because we have a good design at a good price, but having been so busy have not really had time to look into this properly yet!

We are now ordering wood in at this years prices for what we predict will be the amount needed, so, if you are planning to have a log store in future, the offer is on for ordering now and not paying until just before it is delivered. This way we both win, you get the log store you need at current cost without having to pay till you need it, and we know better how much wood to order.

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