Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Busy Summer

Well, here at Wood Stores we had a lovely uptake on the offer to preorder our Log Stores for Autumn. Customers were thinking well ahead for storing their winter fuel. Always a good idea to buy logs in advance for good seasoning, because 'dry' wood burns longer and warmer so is very cost effective.

We are all very busy working to fill current orders, and delivery dates for new orders are into early September now.

I like to ask customers why they chose our stores for their homes, and the answer we get is that they are attractive, competitively priced, and come ready constructed. And, Jake our dog helps, he often gets a mention :) So I made Ginger George pose too, and he shows off the small Chimnea log stores to purrfection (oh yes, and my sense of humour was mentioned a couple of times too).

The smaller logstores have proved very popular too, but we found the one drawback is they are still a size that needs Pallet delivery, so is the same cost as the big woodstores. So, we are in the process of looking at having another smaller size that can be sent by courier instead of pallet.


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