Sunday, 31 January 2010

Middle of Winter and still busy making Log Stores

It has been a very long winter, and a very busy one at Wood Stores. We have talked with and met some lovely people. I think we are all hoping for Spring to come soon, because it is rather cold working outside in this weather, brrr, even Jake the dog keeps going indoors regularly for a warm by the fire.

Sales took us by surprise as Autumn started, hence the blog not being updated very regularly! At one point, we had to close the website to new orders for nearly 3 weeks in November to catch up with the backlog. When each item is made to order, and often to an individual design, you just can't rush things, and we did not want to compromise quality for quantity, so putting sold out for a few weeks enabled us to catch up.

Orders started to come in, and again we quickly got a waiting list, and had to keep a 4 to 6 week wait on the website. This was not helped by the big freeze and the snowfall that affected the whole Country for 3 weeks. At one point we had 8 Log Stores just waiting for the snow to clear so the Lorry could get out delivering. And then on Christmas Eve we had the Pallet Company out on two deliveries, and we were out ourselves morning and then afternoon delivering another two! Can you imagine? Father Christmas would have been proud! A bit colder than this day in the summer, where we loaded the lorry and had a nice warm day out!

So, we took 2 days off for Christmas, then got back to work, and haven't stopped since. We do have the waiting list down to about 3 weeks now though.

I have been dressed up like an Eskimo to treat the Logstores, and in that cold snap we had I looked a bit like the Michelin man on a bad day. But I didn't care, it was too cold to care. Tomorrow is the start of February, so we are wondering what sales will be like for Feb, March and April, by which time we will have a whole year to look back on.

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