Saturday, 17 January 2015

Happy new year! After an incredibly busy Summer with a 6 week lead time we then had an even busier Autumn and ended up having a 12 week lead time by Winter. Thank goodness for patient and pleasant customers. Even with 3 of us working flat out it seemed as if we would never get to the end of the list. January and February are usually a bit quieter, so we are down to 4-6 weeks (and getting the odd day off), still double the usual lead time but we are very much looking forward to being able to book a holiday some time soon!

We had a lovely customer from Ireland, he knew exactly what he wanted which is always good, and was very happy with it. I think his spec combined with Andrews skill and design made a really beautiful Cedar wood log store, and the base he made is perfect for it.
 The doors have a slight arch shape, with 10" black hinges and hand carved handle, the same as our wheelie bin stores

We used clear Blackfriars to treat it, then our customer used Osmo on top, which gave it the lovely golden colour. I must admit I had not heard of Osmo, and am very impressed with the finish.

This is another bespoke 4 bay wheelie bin store, again in Cedar wood, for two full size wheelie bins, shelves for smaller recycling bins and a storage cupboard. This is finished in light brown Blackfriars.

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