Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Which way will the roof slope?

We have just made another large 3 bay backwards sloping roof log store. This design will store more wood than the normal roof slope, and you're less likely to bang your head when filling it or collecting logs to burn. That isn't such an issue with the smaller or less deep log stores, but when you have very large amounts of wood to season then a backwards sloping roof can be very useful.

Large log store
15 foot log store

It can be just as good if you are short on space to maximise storage space, like this one at just 3ft wide. This couple wanted to maximise storage of kindling. The shelf is strong enough to take logs if needed, it is as strong and sturdy as the base.
3ft by 6ft log store

This one looks so nice with the heart decoration. We constructed this one in situ, it looked really lovely when it was completed. They sent me this photograph after putting some logs in and had added that lovely rustic heart making it looks even more attractive.
Woodstores bespoke
Wood log store 8ft x 4ft x 6ft 6in

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